My Top 5 Vintage Blogs

Or, ‘Doesn’t everyone obsessively follow other people’s OOTDs?’

I’m terrible at decisions.

Any one who knows me knows that I will linger over options. Don’t ever ask me which item to order on a menu, or which outfit you should wear, or where we should go for coffee. Because it will take me forever to NOT give you an answer.

So when it comes to this blog, I’m sort of stuck.  Should I talk about my music? Behind-the-scenes? Vintage fashion? My OOTD? What kind of blog am I?

So I decided…not to decide.  Because I am a vintage enthusiast, and a musician, and a performer, and I don’t need to be mutually exclusive when it comes to my blogging interests, right?

So in a break from my previous performing-related posts, I present to you…some vintage blogging inspiration! These lovely ladies inspire me (and my outfits) like nothing else, so without further ado…

1. Vixen Vintage


One of the first vintage blogs I ever had the pleasure of coming across, and I have read it right back to the very first blog!  The vixen in question, Solanah, has an incredible knack for pulling the kookiest items together and looking fabulous, as well as the kind of access to vintage that makes me wish I lived in the USA.

MUST SEE: Head back to the earliest posts and make your way forward, the evolution and continuing creativity of her style is phenomenal!

2. Drama of Exile 


Drama of Exile, written by the hauntingly beautiful Gabrielle, is the place where all of your Gatsby dreams come true. Stepping outside the traditional pin-up vintage look and into a world of dark and decadent inspiration, Gabrielle has created the kind of blog that leaves me dazzled and trawling for hours! Always lovely to see such phenomenal vintage-ites in Melbourne too.

MUST SEE: When this lady isn’t posting her own incredible outfits, she is sharing drool-worthy inspiration from the era and from the silver screen, so check out her ‘Inspiration’ and tumblr links as well.

3. Esme and the Laneway  


The delightful Marianne makes me squirm with jealousy with every post! Not only does she have a rainbow of incredible vintage dresses at her disposal (where does she find all those gems in Melbourne?!) she can pull off EVERY hair colour imaginable. How is that even possible?!

MUST SEE: I am not joking about Marianne pulling off every hair colour. I challenge you to scroll through her posts and find any fault with her as a blonde, brunette, red head, LAVENDER haired…also I have a major crush on her beaded cardigan collection.

4. Bright Young Twins


Being in love with this blog is a little big painful as the ‘twins’ in question, Harriett and Aimee, do not update as regularly as other blogs. But when bloggers are as stunning as these ladies, you can’t help but be in love with them! You can drool over the fantastic mix of classic pin up and Edwardian that could only come from those who have access to European charity shops…*fits of jealousy*

MUST SEE: I don’t know how Harriett (left) pulls off her incredible tremendous casual Edwardian daytime look like she does, but it nearly makes me want to throw away all of my 1940s/50s inspired garb and plunge even further back in time!

5. Red Velvet Rosie


Hey, I’m only a little bit biased, as this beautiful bloggeris a dear friend of mine.  But Suzie’s blog, along with the others listed here, is one of the few I read regularly, so it has to get a mention! I like to think that Suz’s blog is a perfect representation of her personality: 90% beautiful vintage and repro fashion and hair, 10% hilarious crap from the internet. If that doesn’t send you rushing over, consider this: this lady has some SERIOUS hairstyling skillz as well!

MUST SEE: Sure, vintage blogs have outfit posts and some vintage inspiration, but do they have MITIFOTITW? That’s right, Suz will not only inspire your outfits but also your internet trawling with her MITIFOTITW (that’s Most Interesting Thing I Found On The Internet This Week, for those of you playing at home). Check it out!

So now it’s over to you! What blogs have I missed? Where do you get your blogging inspiration? And what kind of posts would you like to see on my little corner of the internet?

Until next time!

Yours & c.,


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