I Can’t Believe It’s Not Vintage!

Or, ‘I enjoy dressing this way in an era with wifi and slightly more human rights.’

I get inspiration from a lot of places.

I mean, I’ve written lots of songs about me and the people I know, but I’ve also written songs inspired by popular books, Shakespearian plays, old Marilyn Monroe photographs, and bus drivers.

And just because I like to dress a little more grandma-ish than most people, that does not mean that I can’t find inspiration in more modern places.  In the spirit of positivity and things that make me happy, here are some of my more contemporary loves…

1. Lana Del Ray


Crazy addictive songs and she’s a total babe.  Need I go on?

In all seriousness, I only discovered her properly when I went back to tafe to study Auslan full time and suddenly had hour-long public transport journeys on my hands and no music on my iPhone.  On a whim I bought Born to Die from iTunes and since it was the only thing on my phone, listened to it every day travelling to and from tafe.  I have more music on my phone now, but am dangerously obsessed with songs such as Off to the Races (I’m a sucker for a good Lolita reference) and am thinking some jazzified covers might be in the works sometime in the near future…

2. Megan Abbott books


Making you feel like you could go and live in a film noir.  Her writing is so evocative you can practically smell the decadence, the hedonistic parties and seedy underbelly of the 1930s – 50s.  I highly recommend: Queenpin, Die A Little, Bury Me Deep and The Song Is You.  I discovered Ms Abbott completely by chance when I won a book voucher for the top marks in a particular Year 12 subject way back when (yes, complete nerd and proud of it right here!).  I was browsing the book shop and deciding how to spend my voucher when I spotted the phenomenal on-the-money pulp-esque cover art of Die A Little and couldn’t resist.  Let me tell you, judging a book like this by it’s cover is absolutely acceptable.

3. Killers Kill, Dead Men Die by Annie Leibovitz


I mean, this photoshoot is just RIDICULOUS (click on the photo above for more).  It is my plan to slowly recreate all of them for various album covers and promo shoots (although I may just need to recruit a Ms Sarah Walker for that…).

4. Idda Van Munster


I neglected to mention her in My Top 5 Vintage Blogs post (!!!) but she is an inspiration to me every day, thanks to the wonder of social media.  I mean, just look at this woman! Breathtaking beauty and everyday glamour.

And last but not least…

5. Dita.

1 010





Did I mention I met Dita Von Teese? As if there was ever any competition for queen of vintage-inspired glamour every single day.   Dita inspires me for a lot of reasons, and it’s not just about her look.  This lady works hard and has built herself a well-deserved empire.

Of course there are many MANY more things that inspire me and I’m sure you’ll hear about them in future posts.  In the meantime…what inspired you today?

Yours & c.,


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Your postcard from the past; a vintage inspired crooner straight from the heydays of traditional pop.

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