Filling Up My Bucket.

Or, ‘A neat metaphor and other things I’m grateful for.’

So turns out that one Ms Sarah Walker is not only an incredible photographer, poet, and all-around pretty rad person, but she can on occasion be the deliverer of some pretty neat wisdom.  Most recently she filled this role by sharing this blog post, titled, ‘She gave us buckets’.

This post is an amazing exploration of how we can conceptualise happiness:

The bucket is the perfect metaphor for self-care. Self-care is filling your own bucket periodically so you don’t end up empty. This year I’m focusing on filling my bucket with emotional energy, so I can do all the things I want/need to do without it being ultimately bad for me.

I definitely recommend you checking it out. It’s been a pretty cool way to think about things that I can actively participate in to ‘fill my bucket’, and it’s also proved a great tangible concept to communicate emotion with my brother who is on the autism spectrum and can often be uncommunicative about those kinds of things.

So a massive thank you to Sarah for the share.  Hit her up, her talent is all over social media.

And in the spirit of Gala Darling‘s ‘Things We Love Thursdays’ I am going to leave you with a list of things that are filling my bucket at the moment…

Catching up on my reading on the train ♥ Making new friends over lunch ♥ Compliments from customers at work ♥ Seeing how talented and inspirational some of the people I know are ♥ Styling outfits and photoshoots ♥ Seeing happiness in others ♥ Remembering why I do what I do, in moments when I get such bursts of happiness and satisfaction doing them ♥ Reading poetry ♥ Chocolate nut brownies♥ Belting along to my favourite musical theatre cast recordings ♥ Drinking tea ♥ Bows, bows on my pens, bows on my head, bows on my headscarves ♥ My Avicii cover hitting 10,000 views ♥ Reading Gala Darling’s daily radical self-love emails ♥ Freshly painted red nails ♥ Songwriting inspiration ♥

I would love to hear what’s filling up your bucket, so leave me a comment and let me know!

Yours & c.,



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