Accidental addiction.

Or, ‘Bows are a slippery slope.’


I told you I was awful at decisions. Well my indecisiveness has come in handy because now alongside all my music posts, you get a bonus vintage fashion post. Win, right?



I don’t even remember how I got so addicted to headscarves.  I couldn’t tell you when I got my first one, or when I first wore it in my signature turban style with a big bow at the front.  Then bam, next thing you know you have a collection of over FIFTY headscarves and your sign name is a bow.

Warning: this is going to be a picture-heavy post.  And yes, I did steal them from my Instagram, because that’s the easiest documenter of my day-to-day headscarf habits.  If you have an aversion to such things, or you’re repulsed by bows or something, best to close this blog post now.

Right.  Are we ready?

Like I said, I couldn’t tell you how I first got into headscarves.  But I have evolved one signature way of wearing them: like a turban, covering all of my head (with the exception of my fringe), tied in a big bow at the top of my head.  This is my easy, go-to, every day hairstyle.  It fits every situation: lazy day, casual lunch, heading out for cocktails, going out dancing.  And it keeps all of your hair tucked neatly away, saving you all the trouble of adjusting it every half hour or worrying your curls will drop!

Occasionally I will tweak this style, but I’m telling you: this. Is. The. Ultimate.

Feeling lazy? Headscarf.

turban brown

Feeling cute?  Headscarf.

final image

Feeling slightly pouty and flapper-ish?  Headscarf.  (In this case you can see I twisted the bow to the side and kept the ends loose, making it a bit more 1920s).

flapper one

 See also:

bnw flapper

And then there is the sheer nylon scarf, which comes in handy when your hair is looking cute or you want something a bit daintier than a full-on turban style.  I love this type of headscarf as you can tease them out into a simply GINORMOUS bow, something I am quite partial to.  At the moment I only own this style in red, white and blue but I am hoping to expand my collection.

Case in point re: ginormous bow…

red chiffon

And here is the same type of scarf in blue…

blue chiffon

And speaking of this type of scarf, did you know that they are responsible for my sign name?  You might not know that aside from performing I am a full-time Auslan (Australian Sign Language) student.  Last year, whilst interning at the Australian Theatre of the Deaf, my then-boss noticed my scarf and immediately gave me my sign name, which illustrates the shape of the bow above my head.  I think it’s a pretty spot on description of me!

Here’s the scarf in question…

white chiffon

So that’s my story.  Like I said earlier, I have over fifty scarves in my collection (and counting) and am still searching for the best way to display them, so if you’re a headscarf fiend and have some nifty ideas do let me know.  In the meantime, I’ll play you out with some more headscarves.  Until next time!

Bows on bows. The meta headscarf.


Bows on the job, while I’m busy on the piano…

on job piano

…and songwriting.


#vintagestyle #theygowitheverything #headscarves4lyf

wartime ootd

feeling cute

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