Being busy and content.

Or, ‘Realising you have your finger in an awful lot of pies.’

Photo by Ashton Jean Pierre.

I don’t know if it’s indicative of people my age (which makes me sounds suitably twenty-something and pretentious) but every time I meet a friend, especially one I haven’t seen in a while, the conversation goes like this…

Me: Hey, it’s been ages! How are you??

Friend: Oh, great! Really busy though, you know.

Me: Mmm, yep!

Friend: How about you?

Me: Great! Super busy, but great!

I think it’s a combination of a) lots of people I know being legitimate movers-and-shakers and getting things done, and b) society’s obsession with activity, and the belief that being busy = being successful. Either way, everyone I know seems to be so caught up in projects and travel and life that catching up with friends is a treasured rarity!

Having said that, I’m just as bad as (if not worse than) most of my friends. I’m the one who forgets to text back, who can’t schedule a coffee date unless you give me two weeks notice, who books in three different rehearsals and two meetings in one week.  But that is because I’m involved with so many amazing projects, I’m overwhelmed. I may not have time to breathe, but I’m so grateful! At the moment I’m juggling my last nine weeks of studying full time with ongoing intern work (so many exciting opportunities happening there!), casual work, music gigs (some big ones coming soon!), theatre projects (two big ones on my plate at the moment) and so much more…I’m a lucky girl!

And sometimes it’s the little things that can contribute to an overall feeling of utter contentment (see this post for explanation).  Here are a few of mine:

Getting inspired and making friends globally (thanks, Instagram!) ♥ Working so smoothly creatively you know things are meant to be! ♥ Outfit and hair compliments from strangers ♥ Writing new songs ♥ Twin Peaks marathons (Audrey Horne forever) ♥ Photoshoots, photoshoots, photoshoots ♥  Beautiful friends who won’t leave me alone until we organise dinner! ♥ A plethora of online allergy-friendly recipes ♥ Exciting new work opportunities  ♥ Shopping at Savers ♥ Listening to music wayyy out of my normal comfort zone, and loving it ♥  Soy flat whites ♥  OPI nail polish ♥ ‘Screens down at 10 pm’ rule…more reading and less pointless app surfing! ♥  Ed Sheeran concerts ♥ Endless Old Hollywood inspiration via Tumblr ♥ The app Glide, every sign language student’s best friend ♥

I’d also like to leave you with links to a few blogs that I’m enjoying, because the Internet is a magical place and everyone should get inspired by other people!

1. NoraFinds

From the NoraFinds Facebook page.

Vintage fashion from a lovely lady.

2. Triumphs and Turbulence 

Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or just an avid traveller, take a look at this heartfelt blog!

3. Miss Victory Violet

From the Miss Victory Violet Facebook page, photo by AM Photography.

You. Need. To. Follow. This. Woman. She is a stunning pin up model and hairdresser, she just won Miss Viva Las Vegas, and she’s continuing to update her blog despite being on an overseas holiday. Ugh. Perfection.

4. E is for Estranged

Beautiful, haunting, poetic pieces from the very talented Christopher Bryant.

5. The Lady Damfino

From The Lady Damfino blog.

If you don’t follow this lady on Instagram, get on it (her username is @damfino)! And then read her lovely blog!

Have a wonderful week!

Yours & c.,

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