The Headscarves Find A Home

Or, ‘It’s about time I finally figured out how to store them’.



Remember this blog post, where I talked about my headscarf addiction and it’s origins? It’s been a while since I wrote that blog, and in that time my headscarf collection has expanded from around fifty scarves to around seventy. To be exact, I currently have seventy-one scarves in my collection. Well, seventy-five. I’m waiting for some to arrive from overseas. I have a serious problem.

But while my collection may have expanded, my storage solutions for my scarves has not improved. At first I kept them in one of those ugly plastic storage bags, striped in hideous blue, white and red. But having to dig through the scarves every day was really annoying, and some scarves ended up at the bottom of the bag, neglected and unworn (poor things).

When my collection hit the over-fifty mark, I knew it was time to set up a more permanent home for them. Behold, Headscarf Home 1.0: The Drawer.


It was great! But let me tell you: it didn’t work. As you can imagine, with the frequency I go through headscarves, the drawer was just ending up a mess. Plus my collection was still expanding, and the drawer was stuffed as it was.

Headscarf Home 2.0 was a little better: a cheap scarf holder from IKEA, stuffed with scarves and weighing down the back of my door. Here’s what it looked like (just imagine that swinging past every time you close your bedroom door).


The poor little thing just wasn’t up to the task, and it was annoying having to weave the scarves in and out every day.

It was time to call in reinforcements. It was time for Bunnings, and my dad.


My dad had the terrific idea of nailing plastic chain to the wall so I could loop my scarves through. I loved the idea of having all my scarves on display, but hesitant about the chain (vanity kicked in: I thought it would look really ugly on the wall). I asked about alternatives like fishing wire or twine, but the truth was they would either buckle under the weight, damage the scarves, or need some other accoutrement to hold the collection together, such as pegs.  Plastic chain seemed the simplest option, and seeing as we could find it in white at Bunnings, we decided to give it a go!




…and after!



Because of the sheer size of my collection, one row wasn’t going to cut it. We put up two rows of chain, fastened them with hooks at each end and held up with a screw and washer in the middle. Thankfully everything is covered by headscarves, so it just looks like a pretty collection and not as ‘DIY’ as I was scared it would!

There is even a little extra room (like I need any encouragement) so I still have room for when my collection inevitably expands! A huge thanks to my dad for helping me put all this together; and by helping me, I mean doing everything, because you know I’m the furthest thing from handy with a hammer.

I’m so pleased that I can look at my collection when I wake up every morning! And what a great way to automatically decorate my room, huh?


I’m so happy my headscarves got their happy ending!

As per usual I’ll finish up with My Happiness List (small things that are making me smile!):

Branching out and learning heaps of new songs for gigs! ♥ Officially landing that new job ♥ Backstage friends who want to dance to Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ just as much as I do! ♥ New haircuts ♥ Fresh-out-the-oven loaves of banana bread ♥ Getting paid to blog ♥ Discovering that, with the help of a pair of scissors, full length stockings make perfect thigh-highs as well! ♥ Films forever being my fashion inspiration (see my Instagram) ♥ Rediscovering Shakespeare ♥ Meeting new people in so many different places (and then finding out all the weird connections — the performing world is a small one!) ♥ Getting my nails done ♥ Allergy-friendly restaurants five minutes walk from my house ♥ Beautiful friends ♥ Lazy mornings ♥ Housemate gossip sessions (until suddenly it’s 2 am!) ♥ Ladies liking my red lipstick when I’m just popping to the chemist ♥ Roadtrips ♥ Eartha Kitt in The Wild Party ♥

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