Haaave You Met…

Or, ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’.


It’s been an absolutely crazy couple of months for me! I’ve finished studying full time, gotten a new job, and have been madly preparing for some excellent upcoming gigs (but more on that later)!

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing people recently and I thought it was about time for some shout outs. Take the time to check out these amazing people and businesses, and support awesome people!

1. Sophie Caligari Photography

Sophie Caligari Photography

You might know that name seeing as it’s plastered all over this site! I admired Sophie’s work for a long time before we were both engaged to shoot for Dames of Distinction. Turns out she’s a wonderful person and a spectacular photographer! Eventually we managed to tee up with each other and do a proper shoot, the results of which were the promo shots for this website. I was so blown away by Sophie’s work — never have the images that come out of a shoot so perfectly matched what I imagined in my head! She made me so comfortable the whole way through the shoot, and sat down with me personally to select the finals and edit them.

And did I mention that Sophie herself is a total babe?


Gah! It’s just not fair! You can stalk Sophie on her Facebook page and her Instagram (where the image above is from), and I know her website will be up and running soon.

2. Marion C. Mellis – Stylist and Model


If you’ve ever wanted a totally perfect flapper/ babe to come and make you look amazing for your photoshoot, you need to contact Marion.  I’m pretty sure I met Marion thanks to some Instagram stalking, and let me tell you, her vintage styling is even more impeccable in real life.  She’s also excellent coffee date company and just about meets me in nerdiness (on different topics, to be fair).  Recently I called her in to help me out on a photoshoot and she not only managed to get many amazing people on board, she styled ever outfit to perfection. This girl knows her stuff. You can stalk her on her Facebook page: she’s got some incredible shoots coming up, have a look!

3. Anita G Photography


I’ve got so much to say about my recent photoshoot with Anita, but let me say this: all the shots I’ve seen so far have blown my mind. Easy to work with, open to all of my crazy ideas, and somehow orchestrated an amazing studio for us to play around in! Anita does a lot of work at different conventions, but I am so happy she was open to doing something a little different with me. I have had so many positive comments on these shots, they turned out even better than I could have hoped (but more on that later)!  Have a look at her Facebook page and website to see even more.

4. Satta


My other Sophisticated Lady co-collaborator Mama Alto has gotten their own individual post, so it’s time to show some love to our other leading lady, Satta! A beautiful singer and a beautiful friend, I can’t wait to share a stage with this lovely lady in September.  And Satta is also involved in the Deaf community, so we’ve had some excellent backstage Auslan chats! You can check out her Facebook page and Instagram for some fun behind the scenes images, and Satta also performs in the band Twisted Ties, who you can check out on Facebook.

5. Ned Dixon

I’m sure I’ll be posting much more about Ned, as we have some very exciting things in the works! In the meantime, you may recognise Ned from the video above, posted recently on my YouTube channel. Ned will be joining me for our ACMI performances in June, July and August, and they are just a delight to work with — incredible at composing the most fun and jazzy arrangements for some crazy songs! I’ve had an amazing time working with Ned so far and can’t wait to see where we go with our music. Unfortunately I don’t have a monopoly on Ned’s amazing work, and they are involved with plenty of amazing shows and artists, which you can keep tabs on by visiting their Facebook page.

Basically I’m just feeling very lucky to spend so much of my time with incredibly talented people, who are lovely, and who want to spend their time with me! Thank you to all the people I’ve featured in this post for believing in my weirdness and helping me create some great stuff!

Playing myself out with my Happiness List as usual, here we go…

Graduating after two years of hard work ♥ Savers trips, forever and ever ♥ Biting the bullet and actually looking after myself ♥ The incredible combo that is an Apple TV and Netflix ♥ Brand new electric blankets (toasty sleep ins for all!) ♥ What Katie Did deliveries ♥ Realising that my job is to listen to music all day ♥ Accepting it’s okay to have a day off! ♥ Jam sessions with my housemates and excellent friends ♥ The glorious gift of new headscarves (collection going strong at seventy-seven now!) ♥ Coffees and catch ups with friends ♥ Getting excited about making theatre ♥ Branching out with different projects and different networks ♥ Other people’s excitement about music and artists getting me excited! ♥ How I Met Your Mother (did the title of this blog give it away?) ♥ Beautiful new lingerie ♥ Finally having music on my phone thanks to the wonder of apps ♥ Calligraphy blogs on Tumblr ♥

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