No Limits, No Regrets.

Or, ‘Why do only ONE thing that you love?’


I’m sitting in my lounge room watching Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn in ‘Funny Face’. It’s only Tuesday but it’s already been a crazy week. Yesterday I had an intense rehearsal with my collaborator Ned for our upcoming performances at ACMI, followed by a coffee and chat with my lovely friend James about the upcoming David Bowie Is exhibition. I’ve also been stuck to my computer doing my work as Communications Coordinator for Auslan Stage Left.  Tomorrow I’ve got two meetings for two different creative projects I’m a part of, then the bestie and I are going to see a burlesque show.  I’m always elbow-deep in song learning, lyric memorising, blog planning, contact emailing, writing…

Here’s what I’m wondering. Are we all this insane, us creative types? Is it ever possible to dedicate yourself solely to one field or pursuit?  Because honestly, I think I’d find that boring. It seems an awful shame not to throw yourself into every little thing you enjoy. Even if that does end up sucking all of your free time, but hey, leisure time is overrated.  So I’ll continue to do everything I love: acting, singing, songwriting, blog writing, campaigning for Deaf access to theatre, engaging with the Deaf community and Auslan interpreters. And I won’t take a second to complain about how much work I have to do, because when your job is to learn fantastic songs or write another article about an Auslan-interpreted show, how can you go wrong?

I love my jobs, all of them. I love trying new things, whether that’s learning songs from the 1970s and 80s (not my usual style, but a good challenge!) or interviewing producers. I love being involved in a million projects. I love filling my days with different activities in different fields. I love meeting new people. And I’m very, very happy that my work allows me to do all those things!

I’ve got a lot of projects to dive into over the next month.  So, if it’s quiet over here, check out these links to see what I do when I’m not here:

  • I manage the blog Encore for Auslan Stage Left. We post articles from around the world on theatre interpreting, as well as interviewing performers such as Todd McKenney, and go ‘behind the signs‘ with Auslan interpreters to learn about their process. I LOVE running this blog, and would love you to take a look.
  • I’ll be appearing several times at the David Bowie Is exhibition at ACMI, so check out my Upcoming Shows page for all the details.
  • I’m a lover of the shameless selfie, so there’s a good chance that my Instagram page will be updated much more frequently than my blog!

This post’s Happiness List….

Netflix. OMG. Netflix ♥ Prepping the house for a new fur baby! ♥ Muse’s ‘Origin of Symmetry’ ♥ Fred Astaire ♥ Chocolate chip cookies ♥ Layers and layers of winter knits ♥  The sound of rain on the roof ♥ Upcoming interstate adventures ♥ Slacks and shirts — menswear all the way for winter warmth ♥ Ivy Levan’s ‘Biscuit’  ♥ Theatre workshops with incredible participants ♥ Long-awaited catch ups over rice paper rolls ♥ Crossing films off my ‘To Watch’ list ♥  Lazy mornings ♥ Researching different accents ♥  Sia’s ‘1000 Forms of Fear’ ♥ Being inspired (and intimidated) by other people’s knowledge ♥ Watching friends be successful in their art ♥ When your winged eyeliner is perfectly even ♥ Sunny afternoons ♥ Bonding with strangers over films from our childhood ♥ Listening back through all my voice recordings on my phone — so many songs to explore! ♥ An inbox full of enquiries and opportunities ♥

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