A Minute of Your Time

A Minute of Your Time is a product of a moment, coming to fruition out of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. In an attempt to understand her own muddled emotions, Ilana Charnelle started writing, selecting her favourite eight songs from the roughly thirty she wrote during lockdown to create this album. Branching out sonically with the help of UK musician Christopher Arnold, A Minute of Your Time reflects the deep introspection that has come out of 2020’s lockdown, and the self-growth that it has instigated.

Written by Ilana Charnelle | Arranged by Christopher Arnold

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Track Listing

Click on each song title to view the lyrics.

  1. You’re Not Watching
  2. Bad News
  3. Gunshot
  4. To Be Wanted
  5. Your Way
  6. Love Slow
  7. Happy For Me
  8. Enough
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