Make Me A Melody: The Songs of Ilana Charnelle, March 2016.

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October 2016, Ilana Charnelle: A Class Act at The Butterfly Club

“Ilana Charnelle’s A Class Act was exactly that…Ilana’s true gifts lie in both composition and in her ability to connect with the audience and to tell her stories, as if they were the audience’s own.”

Review in Weekend Notes

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September 2015, Sophisticated Lady: A Nightcap with Billie, Judy & Ella at The Butterfly Club and Hares & Hyenas for Melbourne Fringe

“Ilana Charnelle retains a tender twinkle as the disenfranchised and cynical Garland… This is cabaret at its most elegant.”
Review in Aussie Theatre

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“Ilana Charnelle as Judy Garland…gave it all, chatting, singing and sharing with us a glimpse of [her]  intimate thoughts”
Review in Planet Arts Melbourne
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“…the cast draws together elements of the women’s characters, personalities, mannerisms and vocals to paint accurate and respectful portraits.”
Review on Caroline Yun Tang
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“[Charnelle] perfected the magical art of fusing musical performance with a theatricality that is both vulnerable and filled with fun.”

Feature on Maggie Journal

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“[Charnelle] looks at fashion the same way she looks at songs – by looking back you can see the music and outfits that stand the test of time. They show that they’ve been created by masters of their craft and possess a quality that makes them timeless.”

Feature on Cabaret Confessional

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August 2015, Make Me A Melody at The Container Festival

“Singer/songwriter Ilana Charnelle responds to the works of Tensions with six original songs, full to the brim with her trademark wit and flare.”

Feature on Roundtown

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July – September 2015, David Bowie Is at Australian Centre of the Moving Image 

“Charnelle is red-lipped smiles and wide-eyed enthusiasm.”
Feature in SWITCH
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“Ilana Charnelle [is] one of Melbourne’s most respected jazz singers.”

Feature on the ACMI Calendar
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February 2015, A Mad Tea Party/ A F*#king Mad Tea Party at Adelaide Fringe

“Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic tale Alice in Wonderland, A F*#king Mad Tea Party combines elements of burlesque, physical theatre, comedy and circus to explore the issue of mental health in a high-energy show which challenges audiences’ perceptions of “normal”.

Ilana Charnelle…plays Alice, a petite young woman with a surprisingly powerful singing voice, and her haunting opening performance of The Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” perfectly sets the mood for the evening.”

Review on In Daily

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“A psychedelic, lively show that defies genre and all expectations…Alice’s singing is great and all cast members’ dancing is incredibly precise and energetic…A Mad Tea Party is a really hypnotising experience.”

Review on Glam Adelaide

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June – July 2014, The Cutting Boys at La Mama Theatre

“The stand out performance however, has to go to Ilana Charnelle…who predominantly plays the character of the schoolgirl who is brought back to life in Max and Yuri’s memories and a handful of other female roles that feature in the story. Not only does [she] transport the audience back to the high school courtyard, but she also manages to switch in and out of different characters without any evidence of shifting gears. There is a specific moment of the play that will remain etched into my memory of a monologue that she constantly changes from the character of the daughter, to the character of the daughter’s mother with such skill that I still get goose bumps when I think of it.”

Review on Theatre People

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“Ilana’s portrayal of certain sub-characters in the play is at times gut-wrenching; her mastery of acting is evident in her ability to switch between characters in the blink of an eye.”

Review on The Australia Times

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July 2011, Featured on This is Vintage Now compilation

“With Ilana Charnelle, there seems to be two ladies in the same body, one a heart-meltingly sweet teenage girl, and the other an experienced woman of the world smouldering with lethal sex appeal.  How she keeps the two from getting into catfights is a mystery.”

Review on This is Vintage Now

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“Ilana is one of those rare few who looks to the styling of music long past and is channelling the 40s and 50s…the music industry today certainly needs the variety.”

Review on Making Melissa

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“Ilana Charnelle has a beautiful sound, and her song “Piece” is beautifully haunting…She’s really “got something”, and I hope that we’ll be hearing a lot more from her in time.”

Review on Imaginerdtive

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“You will want to hear more of her music, after listening to this track. The well-written lyrics, mesh very well with her voice. The sky is the limit for Ilana, as more and more music fans find her music. We have not heard the last from Ilana Charnelle and hope the Australian vocalist will be touring in the United States sooner, rather than later.”

Review on Nostalgia and Now

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April 2011, Speakeasy EP 

“Ilana Charnelle’s album is simply beautiful. Her sultry, dulcet tones will take you back to a classier time when music was played by actual musicians with real instruments. A must have.”

Review on iTunes

“Ilana Charnelle is as amazing live as she is on this album. Well done and looking forward to so much more. A gorgeous lady whose voice is captivating!”

Review on iTunes

“Beautiful album! A must get.”

Review on iTunes