Play Me, I’m Yours

Or, ‘I lost count of the number of tourists who stopped to take photos.’


Recently my pianist extraordinaire Mr Ron and I took to the streets of Melbourne to perform some pop-up gigs as part of the Play Me, I’m Yours exhibition.

The brief from the exhibition website goes something like this:

Touring internationally since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours is an artwork by artist Luke Jerram.  When the project goes live in Melbourne, more than 1050 pianos will have been installed in 38 cities across the globe, bearing the simple invitation Play Me, I’m Yours.  The project has reached more than four million people worldwide.

Arts Centre Melbourne presented Play Me, I’m Yours in Melbourne from 9 – 27 January 2014 as part of the Betty Amsden Participation Program.  Decorated by local community artists and located in public spaces at Arts Centre Melbourne, the CBD and surrounds, 24 street pianos were available for anyone to play and enjoy.

The pianos are beautiful, and scattered throughout the city.  Mr Ron and I managed to play at three of them in total, and snapped some behind-the-scenes pics for your enjoyment as well!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Singing in the middle of the city was definitely an interesting experience.  To be honest, I’m surprised the videos came out as well as they did, what with the wind, the passersby, and the busker we were playing alongside!  But in my opinion, what makes this exhibition so special is it’s openness.  I’ve passed people playing classical concertos on the pianos, and then seen little children playing Chopsticks.  No matter who is having a go, people will stop and smile and maybe take a picture.  It may not be some earth-shattering avant-garde artwork but it is a wonderful experience that I think brings people together.  It’s Art I say, Art!

Anyway, I’ll leave my musings for now and instead present you with the first of the videos from our city adventure.

‘Just Act’ (Original Song)

‘Royals’ (Lorde Cover)

A huge thank you to Adele who acted as our photographer and videographer on the day, you made our job a whole lot easier.  Don’t forget to keep an eye out for more videos from the day appearing on my YouTube channel soon!

Yours & c.,


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