Farewell, Alice.

Or, ‘What do you do with promo shots once the show is over?’

Photo by Elle Wojcik.
Photo by Elle Wojcik.

Help! It’s been months since A Mad Tea Party/ A F*#king Mad Tea Party wrapped in Adelaide and I’m left with a collection of promotional shots and performance images that I don’t know what to do with. I’m still so proud of our show (not to mention what an amazing time I had in Adelaide!!) so here’s a last post as I let go of Alice with a sigh….

Photo by Elle Wojcik.
Photo by Elle Wojcik.

In case you’re wondering why this image of Alice in Wonderland varies slightly from the Alice of your childhood (sorry for any memories I’m ruining!) the poster for the show was a composite of a naughty and a nice Alice to reflect the fact we were performing an adult’s version and a kid’s version of the same show….this was clearly the *adult* Alice!

Photo by Elle Wojcik.
Photo by Elle Wojcik.

Here’s an Alice you might be more familiar with! Barry Kenneth Lewis took these performance shots of A F*#king Mad Tea Party at The Elephant British Pub.

With Timothy Christopher Ryan as the Mad Hatter and Ryan Lovat as the March Hare.
With Marjorie Mayfair as the Queen of Hearts.
With Timothy Christopher Ryan as the Mad Hatter, Jack Bennett as the Dormouse and Ryan Lovat as the March Hare.
The full cast of A F*#king Mad Tea Party (L-R): The Marquise, Timothy Christopher Ryan, Jack Bennett, Ilana Charnelle, Ryan Lovat and Marjorie Mayfair.

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And with that, I think I’m ready to let Alice go.  As much as people can get in trouble for living too much on their phones and over-documenting their lives via Facebook and Instagram, it’s pretty lovely to have so many pictures to look back on.  All the behind-the-scenes of Adelaide is in this blog post, but oh man, I hope I make it back to Adelaide Fringe sometime soon!

I’m going to play myself out with my usual list of little things that have been making me feel super happy lately! Here we go…

My first ever Pin-Up Girl clothing purchase (I’m so in love!) ♥ Hot cups of coffee ♥ Fantastic gigs (it’s a special feeling to play original songs for the first or second time and have a hall full of people respond so well!) ♥ Late night baking ♥ Nights in with my lovely housemates (it’s a rare occurrence!) ♥ Girdles and corselettes for every occasion ♥ Rewatching favourite films ♥ New job opportunities, new gig opportunities! ♥ Liza Minelli performing ‘Mein Herr’, forever and ever ♥ Seeing friends achieve wonderful things (we’re changing the world, guys!) ♥ Booking flights and hotels and theatre tickets ♥ Lying in bed and hearing the rain fall outside ♥ Outfit compliments while I’m getting groceries ♥ Taylor Swift ♥ Coffee dates on sunny Sunday afternoons ♥ Meeting well-dressed, jazz loving strangers ♥ Pinterest ♥ Late night reading in bed ♥ Dark chocolate (I’m talking 70% cocoa and up!) ♥

Have a lovely week!

Yours & c.,

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