2015 Wrap Up

Or, ‘I feel like I blinked and missed August!’

Sophisticated Ladies ‘Halfterparty’, September 2015.

I remember sitting down to write my 2014 wrap up and primarily feeling grateful that the year was ending. Last year was a tough one, and I was excited to throw myself into 2015, a new year and a new start.

Well, with that year now coming to a close, I have to say, wow! It was an absolutely incredible year, and I feel I was so lucky to have had such wonderful experiences.

Total Bowie Weekend at ACMI, September 2015

I went to theatre forums, I returned to the fantastic ACMI stage to pay homage to David Bowie (four times!), and I took on the prestigious mantle of playing Judy Garland in our sold-out Melbourne Fringe season of ‘Sophisticated Lady: A Nightcap with Billie, Judy and Ella’.

The Sophisticated Ladies (L-R): Satta, Ilana Charnelle and Mama Alto

My personal aim for 2015 was, ‘quality, not quantity’. I wasn’t focused on playing three shows a weekend, like I had in the past. Instead, I wanted to make sure that every performance I did was polished, and we were performing at quality events and venues.

And boy, did we! I was lucky enough to collaborate with some stunning people, venues and creatives, including Anita G Photography, Marion C. Mellis vintage styling, and Scratch Warehouse.

Image by Anita G Photography, styled by Marion C. Mellis

And, I was lucky enough to begin collaborating with a stunning new accompanist/ musical director, Ned Dixon.


Ned has been such a joy to work with, taking on my songs and helping them to be exactly what I imagined.  Luckily, we have so many new and exciting things happening in 2016, I absolutely cannot wait to start sharing them all with you!

A couple of people have mentioned that 2015 has been a tough year for them.  I remember feeling that last year, and I never could have believed that 2015 would have been so wonderful. I guess at this point of the year I always look forward to the fresh slate that is the year ahead and know that it is possible for anything to happen!

I was lucky to have a wonderful year, and I am grateful to every collaborator and audience member who helped make it so very special. To those of you hoping for a better 2016, I’ll leave you with something I told a friend of mine recently: think of yourself as an arrow.


Here’s to a wonderful 2016!

Yours & c.,


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