Real – Ilana Charnelle

From the EP Speakeasy (2012)

I could carve a man of wood, just to have someone to hold

And he’d always be there waiting, and I suppose he’d do what he was told

But there’d be no cozy nights by the fire, it’d never last

No, that’s no good, a man of wood would only turn to ash

I could sew a man of cotton, why, that’d be alright

Soft enough to hold on to, impossible to fight

But cotton tears so easy, just like my poor heart

No, that’s rotten, a man of cotton would only fall apart

And it’s useless because I’m flesh and blood and so are you

And when I see your face all I wish for and want to do is

Sew myself a cotton dress I could wear out tonight

I’d  be in your arms on the dance floor and you would hold me tight

And I’d love everything about you and the way you make me feel

Because you’re funny, and beautiful, and charming, and completely real


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